Let’s just say that on Freak Street there are some unusual families . . .

There are the Aliensons—they’re just your average purple, one-eyed family from Valvax-7, a planet far, far away. Then there are the Zombiesons. Spooky? Yes, but forget flesh-eating and terrorising graveyards, they prefer having takeaway in front of the TV. Let’s not forget the Humansons—they’re a little like you and me, only a lot more stupid! And finally, there are the Wizardsons. They have magic powers, a pet dragon and live in a giant mushroom!

Now have you heard the news? Some brand-new super-freaky families have moved into Freak Street! The Vampiresons are sharp-fanged vegetarians with a pet bat. And the Supersons all have mega-bizarro superhero powers and watch over Freak Street from their humungous skyscraper!

Just your ordinary, friendly neighbourhood folk, right?

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